Who are we

“Most of our classes are offered on line, in small groups or one-on-one classes.”

Welcome to the website of À Propos – Language Instruction Services

More than ever, the ability to communicate easily and efficiently is key to success today. Mastering a second language has become an essential tool for professionals in every field of work. À Propos offers language instruction services dedicated exclusively to the business world. Committed to growth and excellence, our main objective is to fulfill our clients’ specific needs for language skills in their daily business activities.

À Propos offers a wide range of linguistic services with class schedules that suit your company’s needs. Our team of qualified, innovative teachers has earned our excellent reputation with their dedication to the progress and success of their students. With a clientele that’s been growing since 1995, we serve small-to large-scale businesses in the corporate, governmental, communications and media fields. Our services are offered throughout the Greater Montreal Area and in Quebec City.